Being constantly exposed to the elements can have a serious effect on your roof. It’s extremely susceptible to damage, especially if it’s showing signs of ageing.

If you do notice damage to your roof, calling reputable roofing contractors Bristol as soon as possible is vital. If left alone, you could end up paying thousands as a result of worse damage.

Here at The Roofing Company Bristol, we have been carrying out a whole range of roofing services for over 50 years and are proudly Competent Roofer, Construction Line and National Federation of Roofing Contractors Approved.

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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Roof Repairs

Here are just some of the reasons why you shouldn’t delay repairing your roof:

Mould Growth

A leaky roof is the perfect breeding ground for mould growth – every homeowner’s nightmare. When mould starts to form, it can create health hazards and cause existing medical conditions to get worse. Once your home is damaged by water, it is highly susceptible to widespread mould infestations and you could even have toxic black mould growing behind your walls or under your wallpaper without you noticing.

Premature Replacement

The longer you put off getting roof repairs, the weaker your roof will become. It’ll become more susceptible to the elements and might need a full replacement much earlier than normal.

Energy Costs

Having gaps in your roof will allow water to leak in and heat to transfer. In the winter, your heated air inside the home will escape and, in the summer, the hot air will make your air conditioner work a lot harder. Therefore, you’ll notice your utility bills shoot up.

Structural Issues

Your roof provides a vital structure for the house. When repairs aren’t done in a timely manner, it puts other parts of the home at risk of needing repairs.

Expensive Repair

Not taking care of small roof repairs now means bigger, more expensive repairs later. At first, you may only notice some slight discolouration on your ceiling, but as time passes this can worsen into a huge stain and a leak. Gaps, missing shingles and other problems never go away by themselves. Eventually, the water damage could even spread into your insulation, attic and housing foundations.

Animals Can Get into Your Roof

Many homeowners believe that animals can only penetrate their roof if there are very large gaps. But actually, mice and rats can climb through holes as small as a pencil eraser. If you have bigger holes in your roof, you might even have squirrels rustling around up there. So, the sooner you get around to repairing your roof, the better protected you’ll be from pests.

Roofing Installation Bristol

Roofing Contractors Bristol

Ensuring that you have all roofing damage repaired as soon as possible is vital, whether that’s with a reputable roof installation in Bristol or a simple repair.

That’s why at The Roofing Company Bristol, we aim to provide high-quality roofing repairs and replacement at affordable prices, without compromising on quality and with a fully backed guarantee for up to 25 years. With over 50 years of experience in the roofing industry and having provided roofing for local authorities, housing associations, schools, businesses and homeowners we will be more than happy to provide the roofing services you need no matter what size the project you have planned is. We can also offer a free consultation to ensure that your existing roofing problems don’t turn into anything worse.

So, give us a ring today on 0117 950 2610, we will be more than happy to discuss the project in hand and how we can make sure it’s a success.

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