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Clay Tile Roofing: Withstanding the tests of time

For thousands of years, clay has been a popular construction material due to its durability and insulation properties – ancient clay artifacts are still being dug up today. Additionally clay tiles come in a variety of styles to choose from.

Save money on your energy bills

Reflecting heat in the summer and insulating your property in the winter, clay tile roofing is ideal if you want to cut your energy bills.

Additionally clay roofing is able to withstand most of what nature throws at it. Be advised that if you live in a particularly wet area that it is a good idea to ensure the roof deck is properly sealed. Also ensure that your property structure is strong enough to build upon.

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Guaranteed for up to 10 years

All clay tile roofs come with up to a 10 year guarantee, backed by the NFRC. Call us to find out more details.

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