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Slate Roofing

Outstanding slate roof construction

Combining a unique sense of charm with durability and longevity, slate is the ideal material for a characterful roofline. Slate is resistant from the elements, however if a slate tile is accidentally broken they are easily replaced.

Here at The Roofing Company Bristol, we have a wealth of experience in installing slate roofing and we will produce immaculate slate roofs using high-quality slate, everytime. As well as being experienced, our team are also fully qualified, well trained and most importantly, friendly. They’ll approach each job with the highest standards of professionalism and precision.

Up to

Years' Guarantee

As a registered member of the NFRC, we can offer up to a 25 year guarantee on all flat roofs and up to 10 years on all tiled roofs – insolvency protection also included.

100% natural

100 year average lifespan. It doesn’t degrade. It’s not susceptible to fire damage and slate can outlast even the property it covers.

By using such a long life material you are keeping alternative roofing materials out of land fill. Slate also has no detrimental impact on the environment and will keep your energy costs low once installation costs are covered.

Why Choose Slate Roofing for your Bristol Property?

Natural slate roofing will provide an extremely aesthetically pleasing, classic look on your home thanks to its sleek, streamlined appearance. It’s also an extremely durable material which is cut by hand for different thicknesses and finishes.

Exposure to the elements won’t compromise the structure of the overall look of the slate, either. Slate is low maintenance as it is not prone to mold and fungus growth, and once professionally installed will provide decade of service with little to no additional maintenance needed. It’ll also provide your home with excellent fire protection.

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