The Importance of Keeping Your Guttering Clean & How to

It may not be the most interesting home maintenance task, but it’s, in fact, a very important one. Gutters are designed to collect and direct rainwater away from your roof, down into the drain. Having a gutter that works as it should, will properly direct water away from your home to prevent structural damage.

Having a clogged gutter can cause a multitude of issues, so it’s important to resist the urge to put off the chore. Read on to find out more about your gutter and why it is so important to keep up with the maintenance of your guttering and employ the help of a guttering specialist in Bristol.


How Do Gutters Get Blocked?

A gutter can get blocked from a combination of fallen leaves, moss, twigs and other debris, which builds up other time. Commonly, leaves will get blown onto the roof, to then travel down into gutters. Leaves will also stick to the walls of the gutter when they are wet, to then block the flow of rainwater.

Over time, these leaves will also break down into compost, which is a perfect growing place for seeds, moss and weeds. If your gutters are left unchecked, these weeds can overgrow and block the flow of your guttering.


The Impact of a Blocked Gutter

As previously mentioned, a blocked gutter can cause a multitude of issues. These include;

  • Problems with the foundations of your home – A blocked gutter will cause water to spill all over the walls of your home and pool around your foundations. This pooled water can potentially lead to erosion, which weakens the walls and cracks foundations.
  • Broken gutters – When your gutters become clogged, the water they collect has nowhere to go. Instead, the guttering will fill, becoming heavier and heavier. The extra weight could lead to your gutters bending or even tearing away from the roof.
  • Wall and ceiling damage – Clogged gutters can also cause leaks inside your home. The water trapped in your gutters can rot away the wooden fascia boards on the outside of your home, therefore letting moisture enter behind them.
  • Insect Infestations – Nobody likes to have mosquitos and other insects in their back garden, but did you know that pooling water inside your gutter could actually act as an ideal breeding ground.

Problems such as the above can be expensive to fix when you leave them to get worse. Check your gutters, catch these issues early before they get worse and save yourself a lot of money!



How Do I Know When My Gutters are Blocked?

You can check your gutters from a quick visual check, without having to climb a ladder. Next time it rains, go outside and see if any parts of your gutters are overflowing, leaking, sagging or if there’s even water flowing down the side of your house. If you spot any of these issues, make sure to act quickly and call a professional in to deal with the problem before it costs you a lot of money.


How Often Should I Get My Gutters Cleaned?

How often you should clean your gutters simply depends on where you live, the weather and the age of your building. If you live in a property that is heavily surrounded by overhanging trees, you should get your gutters checked often, especially if you have recently had a spell of, particularly bad weather.

Ideally, aim to have your gutters checked at least twice a year. Once in late spring and once in autumn.


Choosing Reputable Guttering Specialists in Bristol

Of course, if you have noticed an issue with your gutters, or you simply need them clearing, it’s important to choose a reputable guttering specialist that you know you can trust. It can help make the process a whole lot less stressful, for a start.

Here at The Roofing Company Bristol, we are one of the leading guttering specialists in Bristol, supplying a range of repairs, replacements and gutter cleaning all at an affordable price, without compromising on quality.

Our team collectively has over 50 years of experience, providing a range of roofing services to a variety of customers, even including local authorities, housing associations, schools, businesses and homeowners. So, no matter whether you need your guttering looking at or fixing, we will be more than happy to help.

To get in touch with us further and to find more about our guttering services across Bristol, give us a call on 0117 950 261. We’ll be more than happy to discuss the problem at hand and make sure it is sorted to the highest standard.

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