The Most Common Flat Roof Problems & How to Avoid Them

Flat roofing has become increasingly popular as a choice of roofing, especially for commercial buildings. Its popularity is for good reasons such as its cost-effectiveness, easy maintenance and energy efficiency compared to a pitched roof. Despite its many benefits, if not installed and maintained properly, issues may occur.  If your property has a flat roof, or you are considering flat roof installation, you should be aware of the common issues that may happen. The good news is that these issues are completely avoidable if the roof is installed to a high standard and you regularly maintain your flat roof. A flat roof that has been properly installed and cared for can last anywhere between 25-30 years.Taking care of your roof will prevent these common issues from happening, potentially saving you thousands in roof repairs or even a roof replacement. So what are the most common issues that may occur with flat roofing, how can you prevent them and how can the Roofing Company Bristol help? 

Pooling and Standing Water 

Despite the name ‘flat roof’, there should be some level of slope to your roof so rainwater can drain off the surface. If your roof is installed completely flat, when it rains the water will pool on your roof. Over time, there’s a good chance that your building will end up with structural issues due to water damage. A flat roof needs a slight slope of at least 0.72⁰ to allow the water to drain off and not cause issues. Ensuring you use an established and qualified roofing contractor, like the Roofing Company Bristol, will prevent issues such as pooling from occurring as they will ensure the roof is installed with drainage in mind.  

Roof Blistering 

Blistering can occur on the membrane of the flat roof for a variety of reasons, including leaks, improper ventilation, or freeze cycles. The most common reason why your flat roof is blistering is due to trapped moisture between the membrane and roof deck. This typically happens due to a leak or condensation which builds up and creates pressure resulting in the materials to separate and form bubbles. This can be avoided with adequate ventilation within the roofing system. Making sure there’s proper airflow will minimise the risk of moisture becoming trapped between materials.  

Debris Build Up

It’s very common for debris to build up on your flat roof such as leaves, dirt, sticks, dust, branches or even rubbish from human presence. Exposure to nature such as nearby trees will increase the probability of debris building up on your flat roof. Any flat roof will likely have a small amount of debris at any given time but cleaning and maintaining your flat roof to remove any debris build-up will help prevent any issues from occurring. While a small amount is not a huge problem, failing to remove materials will promote water pooling and cause issues with drainage which can lead to serious issues such as structural issues to your property. This can be prevented with regular roof maintenance by picking up debris, leaf blowing and jet washing. Alternatively, you can use a local reputable roofing company like the Roofing Company Bristol, for flat roof maintenance services.  

Biological Growth 

Biological growth such as moss, algae and lichen can grow on your flat roof due to moisture and natural debris. Biological growth like moss thrives in damp conditions so naturally, the more water and debris that build up on your flat roof, the higher the chance of these non-vascular plants developing on your roof surface. Keeping your roof clean and well-maintained from natural debris will decrease the chance of moss, lichen and algae spreading. Cleaning your roof at least twice per year is a good ballpark time frame. A roof maintenance company will offer cleaning and maintenance services to remove any biological growth that has formed on your roof’s surfaces.  

Flat Roofing with the Roofing Company Bristol 

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