How To Repair Roof Flashing? [5 Easy Ways]

How do you fix flashing on your roof?

If you are suffering from a leaking roof, one of the most common culprits will be damaged roof flashing. Roof flashing is a thin metal strip that is used to seal out water around weak points where the roof may be exposed such as via the chimney, vent pipes, skylights and between the valley where two roof pitches meet.

Roof leaks can be an expensive problem especially if you live in an area which suffers from large amounts of rainfall per year. Not only can damage flashing lead to water getting into your property but this water can cause serious damage to the inside of your home, the belongings inside of it and the overall structure of your property. This means that is pivotal that you get your damaged roof flashing repaired as soon as possible to avoid expensive fixes to the rest of your property. Whether that be by an experienced roofing contractor in your local area or a simple DIY job if you have the necessary skills and experience.

Throughout this article, we will discuss five easy ways you can repair the metal flashing on your roof if it is damaged or leaking helping to save you money and help get your roof repaired quickly to help avoid further damage.

Can you repair the roof flashing yourself?

We always recommend approaching with severe caution if you are attempting to repair roof flashing yourself and we strongly advise you to get in contact with a local roofing company to help you identify and fix the problem. With that being said, if you have a lot of experience in repairing your roof flashing in the past, these five simple methods on how to repair roof flashing should help provide you with a simple fix. As long as you have the correct tools, materials and methods on hand, you will have no problem repairing roofing problems such as holes, corrosion or damage to your metal flashing.

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What are the best methods for fixing roof flashing?

The best ways to repair your roof flashing depend on the extent of the damage, the area of the roof where the flashing has been damaged and how the flashing has been damaged. Throughout this article, we will provide you with five simple ways how to repair your roof flashing.

The five easiest methods for repairing roof flashing include:

  1. Clean & Seal
  2. Replace Damaged Sections
  3. Reattach Loose Flashing
  4. Use Flashing Tape
  5. Speak With A Professional Roofing Contractor

1. Clean & Seal

The clean and seal approach is ideal if you notice that your flashing is suffering from minor damage, a localised issue where water is seeping through the roof in one specific place or as a temporary solution whilst you await professional roof repair from a qualified roofing contractor.

Once you have investigated and found the affected area, start by cleaning the affected area thoroughly to remove dirt, debris, and old sealant. Use a wire brush or scraper to eliminate rust and corrosion. Once cleaned, apply a new layer of roofing cement or silicone caulk to seal any gaps or cracks in the flashing. As mentioned, this is only a temporary fix and won’t be a long-term fix to your leaking flashing.

2. Replace Damaged Sections

Another method to fix your damaged flashing is by replacing a damaged section entirely. This method of roofing repair is for more serious and extreme cases where your roof has been damaged extensively due to extreme weather, extensive rust or corrosion and needs immediate repair.

This type of repair should be left to qualified roofers because without the correct skills, tools or methods, you could cause even more damage to your roof costing you more money on repairs. If you notice that your roof flashing is damaged and you are experienced remove the damaged part carefully, cut a new piece to fit, and secure it in place using roofing nails or screws. Ensure that it overlaps properly with the existing flashing to create a watertight seal.

3. Reattach Loose Flashing

If you notice that your roof flashing has become loose or is no longer secure on your roof, you will need to reattach it. The most common reasons why your roof flashing becomes loose is due to the fact that it is old and deteriorating or it has been subject to some weather damage such as strong winds.

To reattach your roof flashing use roofing nails or screws to reattach loose sections securely. Apply roofing sealant or roofing cement around the edges to reinforce the seal and prevent water infiltration.

4. Use Flashing Tape

Flashing tape is a useful flashing repair method if you notice that your roof flashing has a small crack or requires a minor repair that can be fixed by using flashing tape. You can also use it as a temporary fix in weatherproofing emergencies where you notice the water is getting into your home but you have not had time to get a qualified roofer to repair your roof.

In cases of minor damage or small gaps, flashing tape can serve as a quick fix. Clean the area thoroughly and apply the tape over the damaged section. Ensure it adheres tightly to create a waterproof seal. Please remember this is only a temporary fix and you will need a roofing repair expert to come out and repair the roof for long term security.

5. Speak With A Professional Roofing Contractor

As mentioned previously, attempting to repair the damaged flashing on your roof if you have not had previous experience in roof repairs is not the best option. Not only can it lead to you causing further damage to your roof and property but also can be a serious health and safety risk. For these reasons, if you do not have the required experience, it may be best to leave it to the professionals. We recommend scouting the local area and reading reviews on the best local roofing companies in your area. From here you can make a choice on deciding on the best contracting company for your roof by getting a professional to come and identify the issue at hand and repair it swiftly.

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In conclusion, repairing roof flashing is crucial in maintaining the integrity of your roof and preventing water damage to your property. Damaged roof flashing can lead to roof leaks which can wreak havoc on your property causing damage to your belongings, the structure of your roof and your property itself.

These five methods of how to repair roof flashing, offer varying levels of solutions, from simple sealant applications to replacing damaged sections. While minor repairs can often be tackled as DIY projects, it’s important to recognize the limitations of your expertise and consider involving a professional, especially for extensive damage or if you’re uncertain about the repair process. Prioritizing safety and the long-term integrity of your roof is key so don’t hesitate to seek professional help when needed to ensure a proper and effective repair job.

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