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Keeping your home or property in great condition

Keeping your property in great condition is extremely important. Leaving your windows or doors open is clearly a security risk and having a damaged roof is no different. In fact, a damaged roof can result in a variety of problems in your home including structural damage as well as mould within your home.

Repairing your roof is a much more cost-effective and affordable solution compared to replacing your roof so catching any damage early is important. If you notice any symptoms of a damaged roof such as leaks, mould growth, dampness, or damaged and missing shingles, you should contact your local roofing contractors

The Roofing Company Bristol has been providing cost-effective roof repairs across Bristol for over 50 years. Our reasonable pricing, quality of workmanship and the service we provide have allowed us to grow to be the leading roofing company in Bristol

Up to

Years' Guarantee

As a registered member of the NFRC, we can offer up to a 25 year guarantee on all flat roofs and up to 10 years on all tiled roofs – insolvency protection also included.

Roof Repair Services in Bristol

We understand that any damage caused to your roof can be a major concern and can often cause a lot of stress. Our team is dedicated to repairing your roof as soon as possible so you can relax and let us resolve the issue. Regardless of the type of roof that you have we are able to handle any job.

Whether you have noticed small cracks in your roof or you have a huge amount of water entering your home, it is important to get this repaired as soon as you can. Leaving your roof repairs too long could result in even more damage in the future whereas a smaller roof repair could take a much quicker time to fix.

We offer our roof repair services for both industrial and domestic properties so whether it’s your home or business, we have you covered. We also carry out our repairs service for a variety of different types of roofs including:

If you require our roof repair services for your home or business in Bristol, contact us at 0117 332 5643 to speak further. 

Common Roof Issues

There are various common roof issues that we see consistently with domestic and commercial properties which need repairing. Here are some of the most common problems:

  • Leaks cause water damage to the interior of the property, which will likely cause structural damage and promote mould growth 
  • Missing and damaged shingles from bad weather conditions increase the risk of leaks, and damaged underlayment, reducing the lifespan of the roof
  • Ponding water which typically occurs on flat roofs due to debris build-up or improper installation – learn more from our common issues with flat roofs blog
  • Corroded or damaged flashing due to temperature changes and ageing which can result in leaks and a weakened roof 
  • Poor installation due to unskilled labour, shortcuts taken during installation and a rushed job can result in frequent repairs needed due to leaks, damages and missing materials
  • Gutter issues such as improper installation and blockages can cause water overflow, potentially causing water damage and foundation issues 

These are just some of the common problems that you may be facing which require a roof repair. Addressing any of these issues as soon as possible will decrease the chance that any permanent damage is caused. If you are facing any issues, contact us for more information. 

Why Choose the Roofing Company Bristol for Roof Repairs?

100-year average lifespan for our roofs

At the Roofing Company Bristol, we are dedicated to repairing roofs across Bristol for both business and homeowners at an affordable rate. We have been providing our roof repair services for over 50 years, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality service possible. 

Our competitive pricing, quality of workmanship and 25-year guarantee for all roofing work are all reasons why our customers choose us. As well as roof repairs, we offer a variety of roofing services at incredibly competitive prices in Bristol and surrounding areas. 

Whether you have a leaky roof, damaged and missing shingles, water damage, or any other roofing issue, we are reliable roofing contractors who will repair your roof urgently. We are a team of flexible roofers who will offer a bespoke roofing service to meet your requirements. 

If you roof repairs or any other roofing service then contact us today or call us on 01174 055 158 to find out how we can help!

Roof Repair FAQs

There are various signs you should be aware of which may result in you needing a roof repair. Some of the signs include cracked, loose or missing roof tiles, mould growth, water damage in the interior of your home, leaks from the roof, visible sunlight from the roof due to holes and cracks and flashing which has separated from the roof. If you have any of these issues then you should contact your local roofing company as soon as possible to recude the extent of the damage. 

The cost of a roof repair will vary on multiple factors including the exent of the damage, materials required, type of roof that needs repairing, location of the repair and more. Minor repairs such as loose shingles will be much more cost effective compared to more extensive repairs such as structural damage. Contact us and we can provide you with a free quote for your roof repair. 

The duration of a roof repair will depend on the complexity of the job. Simple repairs may be completed in a few hours, whereas more extensive repairs may take a few days to weeks. We aim to complete all repairs as efficiently as possible without compromising the quality of our repairs. All of our repairs come with a 25 year guarantee for extra ease of mind when using the Roofing Company Bristol for all roof repairs. 

While some minor repairs may seem manageable, its suggested to use a qualified roofing contractor to fix your roof. If the repair isn’t carried out properly, the damage may become worse and result in an even bigger issue which will cost more to repair. Not to mention, roofing can be dangerous without the correct training and equipment so its best to hire a professional. That being said, small maintenance tasks such as cleaning debris from a flat roof may be carried out by yourself if you have the correct equipment and its safe for you to do so. 

We suggest getting your roof inspected and maintained at least once per year. This will allow the roof contractor to spot any potential damages early which will prevent potential damages in the future. Your roof is what holds your house together, so ensuring its in good condition on a yearly basis is a wise idea. Having regular maintenance checks will also increase the lifespan of your roof. 

Yes, if you have a serious roofing issue which requires immediate repair then we will offer our repairing service as soon as possible. Leaking, structural issues, extensive water damage, tree impact and any other serious roofing issue should be treated as soon as possible. If you require an emergency roof repair then call us at 01174 055 158 and we will repair your roof as soon as possible. 

At the Roofing Company Bristol, we offer a vast range of roofing services for both industrial and domestic properties. As well as repairs, we also offer felt roofing, slate roofing, clay tile roofing, concrete tile roofing, GRP/fibreglass roofing, pitched roofing, flat roofing, lead roofing, Green roofing and fascias & soffits. If you require any of our roofing services then call us at 01174 055 158 to speak with our friendly roofing contractors. 

Although part of the cost of roof repairs is often covered by insurance, it is very uncommon that full coverage is given. Full coverage can be given in the event that the roof was previously in very good condition before it became damaged and if the cause of damage is included in the coverage.

At Roofing Company Bristol, we have been carrying out roof repairs for many years. No matter what type of roof you have, we can repair any roof, from roof shingles to roof tiles. Repairing your roof early will reduce the impact any leaks may have in your home.

Although a leaking roof is definitely a bad thing, it does not necessarily mean that you require a complete roof replacement. How much repair work needs to be done depends entirely on the level of damage that has been caused by the leak. If you are unsure, the best thing to do is to talk to a professional to understand whether a minor repair or full roof replacement is required. 

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