The roof can be considered one of the most important parts of a building. It is the outer protective layer that surrounds the whole structure and ensuring that it is working as it should be, is vitally important.

Leaving a damaged roof for a long period of time without being repaired or replaced could potentially result in damp walls, mould or permanent structural damage to your property. As soon as you see the signs of a leak, be sure to call in the professionals to reduce any further damage.

As industrial roofing company Bristol, we have been carrying out a whole range of roofing repairs and roofing work for over 50 years and are proudly Competent Roofer, Construction Line and National Federation of Roofing Contractors approved.

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Industrial Roofing Company Bristol

Roofing Issues

Here are some of the most common roofing issues that experts may need to treat:

Water Leaking Through the Roof

Water is one of the many factors that can result in a lot of trouble and damage to the roof. Once water starts to leak through the roof, it can ultimately cause damage to your walls, ceilings and carpets and can become rather dangerous if it comes in contact with an electrical circuit.

Strong Wind

Another factor that can cause significant damage to a roof is high winds. If the shingles are inadequately nailed in, they can easily be destroyed and removed from the roof. These high winds can also break off tall branches, that can break your roof.


If you have an excessive amount of leaves on your roof, they can easily get stuck in the guttering. When the gutters are blocked, it’ll be a lot harder for the water to leave the roof and huge puddles will appear on your roof, which could even lead to collapses.

Here at Roofing Company Bristol, we can help rid your guttering of debris without any hassle. All of our staff are HSE trained and able to advise you of any concerns with your gutter and any checks you need to make.

Effects of Heat on the Roof

Constant sun on the roof and extreme heat will cause discolouration, removal of shingles and cracks.

General Wear and Tear

Most commercial roofing solutions will last around 20 years before small signs of wear and tear start to appear. If you do notice these early before they start causing problems, they’ll still need to be looked at quickly. You will usually only need a minor roof repair, but it is still important to get it seen to as quickly as possible.

Industrial Roofing Installation Bristol

Industrial Roofing Company Bristol

Prevention is the best way to keep your industrial roofing in its best condition. Contact the Roofing Company Bristol today for a free consultation to ensure that you stop any existing problems before they turn into something much worse. If your industrial roofing has finally come to the end of its life, we can also provide you with a high-quality, entirely new roof.

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